Can Hearing Aids Help Your Marriage?

Hearing loss isn’t only associated with negative physical and sociological side effects, but it can also be a marriage killer. Many a Los Angeles relationship has faltered when one partner believes the other isn’t listening to them, but before you schedule an appointment with a divorce lawyer, consider the possibility that the problem doesn’t involve a lack of listening so much as an inability to hear.

Hearing Loss Statistics in Los Angeles

Happily married couple who treated their hearing loss with hearing aids.

In Los Angeles and throughout the United States, hearing loss is a major health concern. About 48 million Americans experience hearing loss to some degree, making it the third most common physical health condition in America – ranking behind only arthritis and heart disease. One out of three Angelenos aged 65 experiences hearing loss; by the age of 75, that number jumps to half.

Older adults aren’t the only ones who experience hearing loss. Noise-induced hearing loss – caused by excessive noise exposure – affects people of all ages. Ever enjoy a chartered cruise to the Channel Islands, cheer on the Dodgers during a rowdy home game, or catch a live concert at the Greek Theater? If so, unless you’ve been careful and worn ear protection, you’ve exposed your ears to potentially dangerous noise levels that could cause irreparable harm. So, before you accuse your spouse of intentionally avoiding your “honey do” list, you might want to give them the benefit of the doubt!

Is My Significant Other Ignoring Me?

Few of us would choose to clean the gutters on a Sunday afternoon in October when there’s a Rams game on television. Besides, it never rains in Southern California, right? But it’s possible we simply didn’t hear your request. Hearing loss develops gradually, and many people are unaware of their condition for a long time. In fact, it takes the average Los Angeles resident with hearing loss seven years to seek help.

If any of the following describes your spouse, they may be having trouble hearing:

  • Frequently asking you to repeat yourself.
  • Complaining that others mumble when they speak.
  • Having trouble holding a conversation over background noise.
  • Watching TV or listening to music with the volume turned uncomfortably loud.

If you recognize any of these signs in your beloved, you should schedule an appointment with a Los Angeles audiologist as soon as possible. The sooner hearing loss is diagnosed, the more likely you’ll find a long-term solution – and the better the chances you’ll be able to celebrate those milestone wedding anniversaries, too.

Hearing Aids as Therapy

Research shows that hearing aid users enjoy a better quality of life. In fact, the biggest benefit appears to be in the users’ social lives – which includes relationships! All marriages require work, but when hearing loss is contributing to your problems, hearing aids can be your saving grace.

If you or your spouse is experiencing hearing loss in Los Angeles, schedule an appointment with your local audiologist today.

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