House Ear Clinic grew from a one-man practice established by Howard P. House, M.D. After completing his residency training in 1938, he traveled throughout the United States and Europe, visiting renowned physicians and learning the latest treatments for patients with eye, ear, nose and throat (EENT) problems. In 1939, Howard began to practice EENT at the Moore-White Clinic in Los Angeles.

Four years later, he opened his own office and limited his practice to ear, nose and throat disorders. By this time his interest was focused on the area of ear surgery and he was one of the first ear surgeons to perform the fenestration surgery, an operation to restore hearing. By 1947 he was performing so many hearing restoration surgeries that he limited his practice even further and concentrated on the treatment of ear-related problems only. In 1956 his brother, William F. House, M.D., joined him in practice. By 1958 two additional ear surgeons, James Sheehy, M.D., and Fred Linthicum, M.D., had joined Howard and William House to form the Otologic Medical Group. They soon outgrew their rented offices and built a new medical building to accommodate their rapidly growing group.

By this time, the practice of ear surgery had advanced to the point where patients with hearing loss due to otosclerosis or chronic infections could have their hearing surgically restored. Other advances by the group included reducing the mortality rate of patients undergoing acoustic neuroma surgery from 40 percent to near 0 percent and developing treatments for patients with vertigo resulting from Meniere’s disease and other causes. The physicians, together with House Ear Institute scientists, also developed and perfected the cochlear implant and auditory brain stem implant for patients who are totally deaf.

In 1990, the practice moved into a new facility and changed its name from the Otologic Medical Group to the House Ear Clinic. Today the practice consists of eight ear specialists, six of whom perform surgeries, and two neurosurgeons. One associate specializes in dizziness and one in allergic diseases of the ear.

At the end of 2016, House Clinic merged with Providence Health & Services, renaming their hearing aid dispensing clinics House Providence Hearing Health Centers.